Support the abolition of prostitution in Africa

Embrace Dignity launched the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAPA) charter last year during the Kwanele Survivor Movement public forum. The purpose of the charter is to build a Pan African network that advocates for laws and policies based on the following abolitionist core principles which are:

  • Decriminalising prostituted persons and supporting persons who wish to exit prostitution.
  • Promoting and protecting the rights of survivors of prostitution and trafficking without stigmatisation, and targeting the demand by penalising the purchase of sexual acts.
  • Criminalising and ensuring no impunity for pimps, brothel owners and all other parties who profit from exploiting the prostitution of others.
  • Criminalising and penalising all forms of advertising for paid sexual services.
  • Resolutely and systematically opposing the trafficking in human beings.
  • Training professionals including police, social workers and health professionals on the nature of prostitution and how to provide services.
  • Implementing sex education and prostitution prevention policies, especially targeting schools and the youth.
  • Promoting awareness and conducting studies concerning prostitution and the trafficking in human beings, and harmonising data collection systems.

As part of the global abolitionist movement, the ultimate goal of CAPA in Africa is to abolish the system of prostitution through advocating for the adoption, successful enactment and enforcement of the Abolitionist Equality Law in African countries.

Embrace Dignity has been acting as the Secretariat for the coalition by promoting the CAPA charter on our social media platforms and during meetings and events we attend. We currently have a coalition membership of 350 members, of which 129 members were obtained online and 221 members obtained via events and meetings. The growing membership is comprised of civil society organisations, businesses, traditional and cultural organisations, faith-based organisations, women, youth, and men’s and community-based organisations from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and African countries like South Africa, Malawi and Uganda to name a few.

If you would like to promote CAPA or sign the charter, you can find more information on our website by clicking here.