“People who are being prostituted are not the problem but rather the patriarchal systems that allow the prostitution of vulnerable persons in the first place.” – Embrace Dignity

We focus on a range of key issues through our Advocacy, Public Education and Exit programmes. Amongst those are the link between patriarchy and exploitation as well as between prostitution and violence against women and gender inequality. By challenging prostitution, we are directly challenging the oppression of women and other marginalized bodies. Our work aims to dismantle the patriarchal values (values based on a social structure where power predominantly remains within the hands of men) that leave women vulnerable, poor and with limited choices.

Given the often violent and traumatic conditions under which prostitution occurs, Embrace Dignity does not consider prostitution work. Rather, we argue that it is an act of domination resultant of the power afforded to men by patriarchy, which positions the bodies of women and marginalized people as prime sites for exploitation and abuse by men and for men.

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