To prevent the exploitation of, and harm to people in prostitution, as well as to address gender inequality and patriarchy, we believe that changes to our current legislation are required and that the law must recognise prostitution as an extreme form of gender based violence. Our advocacy for law reform is therefore part of a strategy to end the demand for prostitution as well as to increase the options for people in prostitution, protect those in prostitution and provide support for exit from prostitution. By advocating for law and policy reform, such as the decriminalisation of prostituted people and the criminalisation of those purchasing sex, we can provide greater protection to prostituted people and eventually eliminate prostitution.

Advocacy For Law Reform Programme

Advocating for law reform

We are continuously working towards the harmonisation of current constitutional, legal and policy initiatives to prevent gender-based violence, commercial and sexual exploitation, and human trafficking.

We are doing this by:

  • Petitioning parliament.
  • Building a strong coalition for advocating for the abolition position
  • Making submissions to parliament through their public participation programmes.
  • Developing and distributing fact sheets on prostitution and trafficking.
  • Undertaking research in partnership with universities.
  • Developing position papers.
  • Sharing information with the media to promote awareness and to inform public participation in our advocacy work for legal reform.

You can find some of these resources on our Resources You Can Use page.

Advocacy For Law Reform Programme