Thanks to the KWANELE survivor movement, members that we work with have an in-depth understanding of the system of prostitution. This allows us to not only talk from a position of experience, but to come up with cutting-edge interventions that are relevant to the South African context and are innovative in responding to those challenges.

At present we empower prostituted women through referrals via our Exit Programme. Our Exit Programme is comprised of referrals to our partner organisations like:

  • Vheneka, which empowers women with culinary and computer skills so that they can be independent and start their own businesses.
  • Home of Hope and O Grace Land, that empower women by offering them a home to live, support them to complete their education and develop job and life skills.


Exit Programme

We are currently developing our Exit Programme and are looking to partner and work with service provision organisations who will form part of our Exit Programme model to empower survivors of the system of prostitution by offering the following services to prostituted women and marginalised people:

  • Psychosocial support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Life skills
  • Computer skills
  • Training
  • Jobs
  • Entrepreneurial and Business skills
  • Shelters
  • Education

If you would like to collaborate and/or help us develop the Exit Programme, please email us at