Embrace Dignity acts as a catalyst for change by promoting social dialogue and networking in civil society and across all levels of government and state institutions. We do this together with survivors, who directly engage with women and young people at risk to make them aware of the dangers of human trafficking and prostitution; through workshops on and public events about trafficking; working with the assistance of survivors to better understand the various social conditions and challenges in each community that lead people to become trafficked and prostituted.

Public Education Programme

Our aim

is to build consensus and increase social mobilisation by deepening public awareness of the links between poverty, exploitation and human rights through our information and education campaigns in the media and in civil society. While shifting public perception of prostituted people through our Public Education initiative, we can also educate the public about the realities of prostitution, thereby build support in civil society with a view to developing a broad coalition which will support us in promoting the passing of reforms to the law on adult prostitution. At the same time, we can draw on the lived experiences of the Sisters as well as their training in advocacy and leadership to help educate young, unemployed people to prevent them from becoming entrapped in prostitution themselves.

Public Education Programme

Our Public Education Programme focuses on two areas:

  • Communities: We conduct workshops to educate people in various communities about prostitution, as well as other life skills or resources to prevent prostitution. The sisters also run Sister Circles in their communities, which educate and provide support to fellow Sisters and community members.
  • Prisons: Our Sisters are involved in the international volunteer programme, Alternatives to Violence Project, which was started in prisons in the United States in 1975. Through this programme, Sisters help educate prisoners on alternative ways to deal with conflict. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for both the Sisters and the prisoners.
Public Education Programme

Did you know

Grizelda’s Grootboom’s book EXIT! which depicts her ordeal as a trafficked and prostituted woman, as well as our photography exhibition, poetry events, material for the media, and other books on sex trafficking and prostitution are available at our Dignity Centre and used to both empower the Sisters and other survivors, and educate the public about the realities of exploitation.